Italian Municipalities Award

September 2023
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Insert your complete Callsign without any symbol, blank spaces, or leading zeroes in the prefix or suffix numbers, otherwise it could not be found.
See the samples below:
14-YF-101 is wrong, 14YF101 is correct
15XY001 is wrong, 15XY1 is correct
001ZA1116 is wrong, 1ZA1116 is correct
068WCI023 is wrong, 68WCI23 is correct

The first time ever on 11 meters !

This event is open to all 11 meters operators and is completely free.

Its main purpose is to encourage as many radio operators as possible to use the band and keep the 11-meters alive.
The aim is to establish contacts with the highest number of Italian Municipalities.

Each Italian municipality is classified with a precise static reference becoming from the fiscal references relased by the italian autorities.

For example:
Municipality of Nizza Monferrato (AT) is F902, so the SES operate as 1AT/F902
Municipality of Lentini (SR) is E532, so the SES will operate as 1AT/E532
Municipality of Santa Giusta (OR) is I205, so the SES will operate as 165AT/I205
And so on...

The complete list of references is available below.

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