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I.M.A. Hunters regulation

The event is open to all 11 meters operators and is completely free. Main purpose of the event is to encourage as many radio operators as possible to use the band and keep the 11-meters alive. The aim is to establish contacts with the highest number of Italian Municipalities.

Valid references: Municipality (Comune) means the whole territory related to that municipal area. The updated list of references is published on the site.

Classification: each Italian municipality is classified with a precise static reference.

For example:
Municipality of Nizza Monferrato (AT) is F902, so the SES operate as 1AT/F902
Municipality of Lentini (SR) is E532, so the SES will operate as 1AT/E532
Municipality of Santa Giusta (OR) is I205, so the SES will operate as 165AT/I205

Starting date: 11-01-2020

Deadline: the event have an unlimited duration and is therefore to be considered permanent.

Limitations: I.M.A activities will NOT take place in the same dates of the following G.R.I. Alfa Tango official contests: Woman's Day Contest, Sprint Contest Emilia-Romagna, AT National Contest and World Contest (Eleven World Wide Contest).

Band, bandplan and mode:
a) Activities will take place on 11 meter band, on PHONE and entirely on SSB.
b) The section of the band between .500 and .600 included (called DX part) will not be used. Contacts potentially made in the DX part of the band will be deleted from submitted logs and relative contacts will non count for the reference.


Hunters are NOT required to send their logs. An updated ranking will be drawn up using the logs received from the activators.

This category is composed by resident and non-resident activators, all AT Italian operators in good standing with the renewal, who must fallow a specific regulation in order to candidate and announce each activation.


Hunters are required to follow the rules.
I.M.A. references must be worked using the "two way" radio mode only.
2 way means 2 ways: a contact between two correspondents with the exchange of signal and radio reports, and mutual confirmation of the same. The use of any other method will result in the cancellation of the QSO or in any further possible action.
This means the absolute prohibition of use, in its broadest sense, of telephone, internet, instant messaging, chat room, voip, e-mail, social media or websites, even disguised in various ways.

Remote receivers (SDR) outside your station or any other external support to your station are NOT allowed.
It is strictly forbidden to request qso confirmations from I.M.A. activators by any means other than radio.

Violation of the rules or disloyal behavior can lead to sanctions by the Commission.
The I.M.A. Commission reserves the right to take the necessary measures in case of violation, at its discretion and on the basis of possible checks.
The competitor can therefore suffer the cancellation of non-compliant QSOs or may be subject to disqualification for the current year.


"HUNTERS" and  "ACTIVATORS" rankings will be regularly published on the website and updated according with the logs received and the verification of the proofs made by the Organizing Team.

Two rankings will be available: GENERAL RANKING and ANNUAL RANKING.

The "GENERAL" ranking will be valid from the beginning of the event and will have unlimited duration.

The "ANNUAL" ranking will be valid for one year and the winners of the two categories will be awarded at the World Meeting.


The Italian Municipalities Award will be permanently available as a free digital download for all participants, both for HUNTERS and ACTIVATORS.


(v 1.0.4)