2021 2020 13/06/2021

Reference Start date End date City Operators Qso Status
1AT/H609 13/06/2021 14/06/2021 Roveredo in Piano (PN) 1AT868 145 Approved
1AT/F101 13/06/2021 13/06/2021 Melendugno (LE) 1AT424, 1AT10, 1AT20 232 Approved
1AT/C612 13/06/2021 13/06/2021 Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) 1AT394 Pending
1AT/D565 13/06/2021 13/06/2021 Fiavè (TN) 1AT835 38 Approved
1AT/G372 11/06/2021 13/06/2021 Paterno Calabro (CS) 1AT953 139 Approved

Pending: the activation has ended and is being verified by the I.M.A. Commettee

Approved: the activation has been approved and the log is valid for the general score